Long-term learning

The LEO Environment Observation Satellite TEN-KOH

I have contributed with methods and guidelines for the rapid development of electrical power systems and to diminish the failure rate that is related to the small spacecraft. I proposed a modular approach to achieve rapid development and reliable systems. The results of this research were demonstrated in Ten-Koh satellite, which was developed in 1.5 years and it was launched by H-2A rocket in October of 2018. As part of this project, I led the experiment to demonstrate the use of supercapacitor as suitable energy storage device for space applications.

Analysis of collected solar energy and its efficient use on 3U Cubesat nanosatellites

It aimed at finding the best conditions to generate and use the energy in a CubeSat. This project addressed the problem by focusing on techniques to maximize the generated energy of the solar panel and the efficiency of the power converter by using GaN semiconductors and changing the operation mode of the power converters. In addition, the power consumption of the attitude and control system based on reaction wheels was analyzed. And a platform to evaluate magnetic actuators was designed.

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