Experience and areas of knowledge

Research, teaching and development of integrated systems based on control, electronics, software and systems engineering for terrestrial and space applications

Solar energy, automation,  internet of things, electric vehicle and aerospace focusing on efficiency and scalability

Electronics, data analysis, hardware and software technologies

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Experience in satellite development and testing. Team leader of the electrical power systems of 20 kg satellite. Research in architectures, technologies and methods for improving performance and development time of electrical power systems.

Solar energy

Design and implementation low power solar energy systems. Research in power converters and maximum power point tracking systems to improve the efficiency of solar energy systems.

Control systems

Advance control systems for mechanical and electronics systems. Implementation of digital control in embedded systems for power electronics. Research in control methods for fast response of dc-dc converters.

Engineer, Research, Professor in Engineering

Applied Science for Integrated Systems Engineering

  • Engineering

    Experience as technical leader in the design of complex integrated system using systems engineering methodology for analisys and design. Leader of the Ten-Koh satellite electric power system equipment, which was launched on October 29, 2018. Experience in the control system design for the tertiary reflector project of the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

  • Research

    Principal investigator and co-investigator of projects funded by MinCiencias (Colombia). International collaboration in projects about renewable energy and aerospace. Recognition from MinCiencias, IAF, UNOOSA and IEEE for significant performance in research.

  • Teaching

    More than 10 years of experience as professor in higher education encouraging research training for undergraduate students through research seedbeds and guidance of young researchers. Undergraduate students have been co-authors of publications, being first authors in several cases.

  • Publications

    Author of more than 30 publications in conferences and indexed journals. Author of two books: one research result book and one dissemination book. Divulgation of research and engineering through webinars and radio and peer evaluator of recognized publications.


Experience in the research and education industry. Author of the book Introduction to Solar Energy (In Spanish).